Shipping & Returns

Shipping FAQs

We will do our best to deliver your orders in time for the holidays! For our customers in Europe, if you order until 23:59 CET on 14th December, you'll have a high chance of getting your order(s) for 24th December.

For orders outside of Europe, we cannot guarantee a delivery before 24th December as shipping times are generally longer.

Our free shipping in complimented with an extended free returns & exchanges window until January 14th.

We ship WORLDWIDE. We also ship for FREE.

DULO is a European brand and we also produce all of our apparel in our home country - Bulgaria. You will also not find a shipping rates table anywhere on this page, as all our orders come with FREE shipping ;)

As with everything in life, we don't have complete control over delivery times, but here are some estimates, based on historical data.

Delivery times for European orders:

Our shipping partners are usually able to get your order to you within a 5-7 business days period. It's often less, let's say an average of 3-5 business days.

Delivery times for UK orders:

Post Brexit our delivery times to the UK have been slightly increased, but not substantially. We usually get your order to you within a 7-10 business days timeframe.

Delivery times for the US and worldwide orders:

Our friends across the pond naturally get their orders a bit slower. We cannot compete with Amazon's same/next day delivery for the US, but we can promise a high quality item made with love from Europe, which will get to you usually within a 10-15 business days period.

How will my order be shipped?

Depending on where you've ordered your items to arrive, we will use the appropriate shipping partners. For Europe, it's mostly Deutsche Post and for the US, once the parcels arrive on US soil, they are usually handled by USPS.

Can I change my shipping address after I’ve placed an order?

Yes you can! Just drop us an email on or get in touch with us directly on one of our personal WhatsApp numbers: +31 6 2131 2699 and say that you want to change your address information.

How do you handle European Union VAT (Value Added Tax)?

European Union 20% VAT is included in the price of each item in our shop. This allows us to deliver products directly to your door, saving you the trouble of having to pick them up from the post office or pay additional charges such as import duties etc.

Will I have to pay import duties if I’m located outside of Europe?

This is another thing that is a bit out of our control, but what we can say is that we've never heard of any of our US clients having to pay import duties upon delivery. The lack of complaints indicates a lack of a problem it seems ;)

Is it possible to rush a delivery?

Yes, again, just get in touch with us on or directly on one of our personal WhatsApp numbers: +31 6 2131 2699 and say that you want to get express delivery. We might have to charge a bit more, but we will do our best to keep that rate as low as possible and get the order to you as fast as possible!

How do I track an existing order?

Once you place an order with us, you'll receive an order confirmation email, which will be followed by a shipping confirmation email. In the shipping confirmation email we will note the tracking number you can use to track your delivery :)

Returns & Exchanges

We offer a 14-day return policy for any order. Check here for the full policy and details.

For more information on our returns and exchanges, feel free to drop us an email on or get in touch with us directly on one of our personal WhatsApp numbers: +31 6 2131 2699.