For the conscious athlete in you
Performance Apparel

100% Biodegradable Fabric

Healthy Choices. Healthy Planet.

One truckload of clothing is being landfilled or burnt every second

At DULO we want to contribute to solving the problem of apparel waste with biodegradable clothing, as well as technological partnerships for its afterlife. This is what we call the concept of the the 3 Rs: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

Our philosophy

Sustainable performance for you and the planet

Look sharp, move freely, while being gentle on our planet. Now with the help of technology we can do all that!

Eco-friendly from beginning to end

The complete lifecycle of each DULO garment has been carefully thought out with sustainability in mind. From eco-friendly production processes to the 100% biodegradable afterlife of the product, we’re actively striving to close the sustainability loop.

True sustainability with innovative tech

Every DULO shirt is made from the eco-friendliest polyamide yarn of all - Amni Soul Eco. This cutting-edge technology in fabric production has a 100% biodegradable DNA and fully incorporates the concept of the 3 R’s: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

Engineered for athletic performance

Comfort and looks were not sacrificed during the making of our biodegradable high-performance clothing. Each shirt is soft as a cloud with all its performance qualities intact. Durability, odor-resistant, skin-friendly, fast-dry, no ironing…you name it. Run a marathon or rock a meeting - DULO’s got your back either way.