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For those who value their time. We use performance fabrics to make the sharp dress shirt a hassle-free experience.

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Why is DULO better?


Non-iron & wrinkle resistant

Are you tired of ironing your dress shirt in the morning? Those are 10 minutes you could be spending working on your passion project. Our non-iron, wrinkle resistant technology saves you time and keeps you looking better the more you wear it.

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Four-way stretch & comfort

Traditional cotton shirts constrict your movement and cause the shirt to become untucked. We use high-performance fibers that allow for a 4-way stretch which provides supreme comfort and keeps you moving freely.


Antibacterial & smell resistant

Sweat is good when it comes from hard work, but it can turn into a confidence killer otherwise. The last thing you want when you need to look and feel your best is to catch an unpleasant odor coming from you. Every DULO shirt comes with a special silver ions treatment, giving it antibacterial properties that prevent the accumulation of bacteria and bad smells.

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Easy-care & machine-washable

Value your time and save those trips to the dry cleaners. We engineered a shirt that removes the hassle of taking care of it. Just throw it in the washing machine, hang to dry and wear. Yeap, simple.

The shirt for those building a legacy

Our community is people that are creating, building and taking control of their time.

"As soon as I put on my DULO shirt, I knew I'd found the perfect shirt. Extremely comfortable, won't wrinkle (even after 8 hours on a plane), no ironing and no dry cleaning. It's the only dress shirt for me from now on."

Ryan Carson, CEO Treehouse

"I got lucky to discover DULO so I can finally enjoy a high-quality shirt. The product is top class, fit's excellent, yet keeps your outfit as elegant as possible. As an athlete, it's crucial for me to feel good and perform at the required level. With DULO I can achieve that during my entire day as well."

Dimitar Mihaylov, CEO BB-Team

"This shirt is like wearing a cloud! As a man with a narrow waist and broad shoulders, finding a dress shirt that fits properly is rare and one that is also mobile is impossible. Until now! Incredibly comfortable and flexible! Just became my absolutely favourite shirt!"

Nicholas Olsen, Co-founder Tapa Creative

Don't know the fit? We have an extensive guide!

We know getting the right fit online is hard, but with an industry avarage return rate of 30%, we have 0%.

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Who are we?

Building our own legacy and documenting the journey.

From day 1 we've been collecting our lessons in building DULO in our blog, vlog, and podcast.

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