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Not only is it the best looking, most comfortable shirt I've ever owned, but I know I'm doing my best for our beautiful planet too.

Paul, UK

The shirts are really comfortable, fit perfectly, and I can wear them multiple times without needing to wash them. They look great too.

Erich, Amsterdam

This shirt is like wearing a cloud! Incredibly comfortable and flexible! Just became my absolutely favourite shirt!

Nicholas, Canada

It rarely happens that I get a clothing item in my hands that I can't stop touching :-) This shirt truly feels amazing and is a delight to wear.

Asbjørn, The Netherlands

Immensely comfortable to wear. After a full day the shirt remains presentable, devoid of wrinkles and sweat stains.

Roman, Bulgaria

DULO solves two problems of traditional apparel

Inconvenience. Engineered with performance in mind, the DULO shirts and polos are the most versatile clothing you'll ever try. Wear it with ease and enjoy all day comfort and style.

Apparel pollution. 90%+ of all clothes end up in the landfill. They take tens and even hundreds of years to decompose. DULO performance apparel biodegrades between 3-5 years. Together we can reduce apparel pollution.

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