DULO Influencer Program

About DULO

DULO was created with the idea to reduce the hassle out of caring and wearing formal clothing. After we launched our first collection catered to people with an athletic build, we realised the harm of using performance/synthetic materials and therefore decided to look for alternatives for our second collection and this is where we found the first of its kind 100% biodegrade performance material, which our current collection now features.

Who is the influencer program for?

DULO creates products and content for athletes. We are looking for people who are seriously involved with sports, whether it is on a professional or hobbyist level. We are looking for people who share our growth mindset and promote healthy and ambitious lifestyles.

We are also looking for people who are active online and willing to help us grow the brand in a mutually beneficial way.

What do I receive?

We are very open to different partnership formats, again depending on what we find suitable for both parties to be mutually beneficial. We are still a small brand so we are mostly keen on partnerships that involve free products for our influencers or a revenue share on sales generated

How do I sign up?

Use the form below to sign up through Shopify Collabs, the platform we use to automate and monitor all metrics on the performance of our campaigns, as well as the payouts for our influencers :)