The problem

We started DULO because we got fed up with the hassle and wasted time that came with looking our best. The price to pay for wearing a dress shirt was way too big! The mornings spent over an ironing board, the trips to the dry cleaners, or the inability to move naturally in traditional off-the-rack dress shirts - all these were reasons not to wear the clothes we like.

The alternatives

We tried to find a better shirt for us. While there are solutions out there for those who don’t like ironing, these are still mostly cotton dress shirts that are heavily treated with chemicals. Those still absorb moisture and with time the chemical treatment wears off. Definitely a no go, so we decided to scratch our own itch and make a better dress shirt!

The solution

The DULO dress shirt with added value

Inspired by the innovation in sports clothing, we use high-quality advanced materials to make a super comfortable, non-iron dress shirt that saves you time. We engineered a fabric that has a 4-way stretch and is much more breathable than cotton - you will be able move freely and feel fresh at all times. A special silver ions treatment gives it antibacterial and anti-odour properties, so you can wear the shirt more than once. We also care about the origin of our shirts - that’s why they are responsibly made in Europe by experienced tailors and seamstresses.

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