About Us

DULO 2.0

The road to sustainable performance

Our story began in September 2016.

Marin shared the idea of exploring the possibility of leveraging the traditions of our home country - Bulgaria in apparel manufacturing and create a product that we wanted - a performance dress shirt that will require little to zero hassle to take care of, but still look great.

Without any previous apparel manufacturing experience, the journey took us through a lot of places and a lot of people, until we finally found our footing and launched the original DULO Origins performance shirt.

However, being environmentally conscious and entering an industry known for its downfalls when it comes to preserving our planet, we wanted to do our own research and make sure that by using performance fabrics we are not creating a product that might be more harmful to the environment than a normal cotton alternative.

This was our research which was posted on Medium and like most of what we were posting back then, no one read or cared about it, except one person that would later shape the entire vision.

And this was her comment:

"I agree cotton isn’t the most viable option around.

Regarding polyester it would be good to see an added section on the micro-particles getting into our water systems from polyester clothing and how that measures up against the cotton’s sin?

By cutting your footprint in half by using more polyester, it will still contribute to the ever expanding tiny plastic particles in our water ways and oceans.

Think this article is only a tiny fraction of the whole story you can write. Dig a little deeper."

The comment stuck with us and from that point on and we started to really educate ourselves on the topic of apparel pollution, and kept going back and forth with our manufacturing partners on whether there is any new technology out there that would enable us to create a product that would have the properties of a modern performance shirt, without the downfalls.

There was none.

Until now.

After launching on Kickstarter, DULO 2.0 was fully funded and the range of sustainable performance shirts and polos is now live.

Stay tuned or follow us on social media for the next steps in the journey :)

You never know, one comment changed the whole mission, maybe yours will contribute to it as well!


Julian and Marin