DULO - Marin & Julian, DULO Founders

Hi, I'm Marin. Julian and I have known each other since high school, where we sat together in class for four years. Later, we also lived together in Berlin and Amsterdam. It was during that time that we started DULO. But what made us build this company? Let me tell you...

It all started in Amsterdam. Although we liked, and still like, our jobs as programmers, we both wanted to have something of our own - something that would allow us to gain complete independence in terms of time and finances, as well as freedom to work on what we want, the way we want to.

Fast forward to September 2016, I returned to Sofia for a short holiday and came up with the initial concept for DULO. The idea was to create a dress shirt that tackles the inefficiencies of most shirts on the market, namely – to be comfortable, stretch in all directions and save time on maintenance and ironing.

Aware of Bulgaria's traditions in clothing production, I began to think deeply about this idea. After sharing it with Julian, he immediately loved it and we started working on it right away.

Hello from me too, I'm Julian. As Marin already mentioned, I liked the idea instantly, but let me explain why. I, myself, have always thought about clothes in an extremely pragmatic way, and I believe that a person should look stylish and feel good without wasting time and energy. It seemed reasonable to me to give this idea a try, after all, worst-case scenario, we would design a product that both Marin and I would wear.

This led us to begin researching the industry and talk to different people until we finally found the manufacturer with whom we still partner to this day. Our first collection included only dress shirts in 6 different colours. Our living room in Amsterdam became a warehouse and the place we shipped every single order from.

A few years later, however, we began to think more and more about how the production of clothes affects the environment. As a result, we slightly changed the initial concept and made the products more sustainable. By remodelling the production cycle, we were able to maintain the benefits of the shirts and build on the original qualities by adding the sustainability element. This is how we developed our current collection, to which we also added polo shirts with collars, and donated all remaining clothes from the first one to a career development foundation.

That, in a nutshell, is our humble story so far. We know that this is just the beginning and there is much more awaiting ahead. We would be happy if you follow along and join us on this journey!

Marin and Julian