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DULO presents:

The Early Days Podcast

A podcast about the ups and downs of building a business from scratch. We interview fellow entrepreneurs about their experience in starting and building businesses. We go behind the scenes and try to unearth what their early days, weeks, months, and years were like.

If you are new to the podcast, we highly reccommend these three episodes.

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How to Build a $50K/Month Agency Business

Today, we have Robin Vander Heyden - a serial entrepreneur, currently the founder of Manypixels - an unlimited design service for modern startups, agencies, and freelancers who need constant design help. Manypixels offers massive value for those who need on-demand, high-quality design work, at an affordable cost. Go ahead and check it out at


The Power of Community When You Launch A New Business

Our guest today is Ryan Heybourn (@ryanheybourn on Twitter) — the creator of — a service that helps you promote your business. Instaaa takes the stress out of marketing by promoting your business on 125 media outlets and directories for you. The whole process is really quick and simple, you should check it out!


How to Start a Modern Marketing Agency and Grow Organically

Today’s guest is Mike McGrail — the founder and CEO of Velocity Digital — a marketing agency where he works with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Mike is also a regular speaker at events across the UK. He is also a podcaster, videographer and the inventor of trees! (Ask him about that last one on Twitter @mike_mcgrail)


The Highs and Lows of Startup Life in Silicon Valley

Today’s guest is Tracy Osborn. Tracy is the founder of Wedding Lovely — an online wedding planning web app and wedding vendor marketplace. She is also the author of the HelloWebApp and the HelloWebDesign books.


Improving health and wellness through personalisation

On today’s episode, we have Armin Ghojehvand, founder of Vitamin Buddy — a handy new subscription service that makes sure you get all the right vitamins to stay awesome. 


Bringing sports services online

On today's episode, we have Konstantinos Synodinos, CEO & FOUNDER of ChampionsID - the 1st ever marketplace of sports services for the contemporary athlete.


TDS 20 - DevLifts

On this episode of the show we talk with JC Hiatt and Thad Daniels from DevLifts

TDS 19 - Lynne Tye, Key Values

We have a chat with Lynne Tye, founder of Key Values ( Key Values is a platform that helps match people with engineering teams that share their values.

TDS 18 - Chris Rasker, KANE

On this episode of The DULO Show we met with KANE — an Amsterdam based watch company.

TDS 17 - Peter Larsson, The FLAWD podcast

In this episode we talk to Peter Larsson host of The FLAWD (Focused Lifestyle and Winning Disciplines) Podcast, where he talks about optimising performance and lifestyle.

TDS 16 - Richard Taylor, Harrison Blake Apparel

On this episode we talk with Richard Taylor from Harrison Blake Apparel.

TDS 15 - Papa Joe Aviance

In this episode we sit down with Papa Joe Aviance to talk about losing 250 pounds by walking, recording a top 10 record hit, as well as building a brand around a wide array of personal passions, ranging from fitness to music.
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