The Early Days Podcast

Podcastin' no more :(... For now...

Alright, folks, so, once upon a time in the bustling world of DULO, we decided to launch a podcast. You see, we thought it would be a fantastic way to connect with our audience, share our journey, and discuss all things related to entrepreneurship.

We dove headfirst into the podcasting realm, excited to explore this new medium. For a while, things were going swimmingly. We enjoyed some great conversations, learned a ton, and had the pleasure of speaking with interesting people. We were on a roll, and it seemed like nothing could stop us.

But, as it often happens in life, things took an unexpected turn. Our schedules became busier, our priorities shifted, and our focus was pulled in different directions. Slowly but surely, the once vibrant podcast began to fade into the background. Before we knew it, our microphones were gathering dust, and our trusty headphones were left abandoned in a corner.

But fear not, dear friends, for the DULO podcast might not be gone forever! Though we can't quite pinpoint when we'll return to the airwaves, we're keeping the possibility open for the future. Who knows? One day, we might find ourselves back behind the microphone, sharing our thoughts and stories once more.

For now, though, we'll continue to focus on our core mission: creating top-quality performance dress shirts and polos for athletes and busy professionals. We'll keep learning, growing, and refining our craft. And when the time is right, perhaps we'll once again regale you with our voices through the magical world of podcasting. Stay tuned, and thank you for your unwavering support!