Don't worry! We've moved our blog over to here.

Hey folks, gather 'round for a little tale about our DULO blog and its journey from /persus to /dulo. Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, we had a brilliant idea (or so we thought) for our blog's URL. We decided to call it /persus, a nifty little combination of the first three letters of "performance" and "sustainability." It felt so clever, so fresh, and so perfectly aligned with our brand values.

But, as time passed, we started noticing some raised eyebrows and confused looks whenever we mentioned our blog's address. We couldn't blame them; even we sometimes got tongue-tied trying to explain the logic behind it. That's when we realized that maybe we had overthought things just a tad.

So, after a few laughs and some self-reflection, we decided it was time to simplify and embrace the classic, no-nonsense approach. We packed our bags (or rather, our blog posts) and embarked on the great digital migration from /persus to the ever-reliable /dulo.

Now, our blog has found its new home at the cozy and straightforward /dulo, and we couldn't be happier. It's simple, it's on-brand, and it just feels right. So, join us as we continue our adventures in performance dress shirts and polos at our new online abode, where we promise to keep the content as entertaining and informative as ever, with a side of humor, of course. Happy reading!