Vladimir Gruev - Breaking

Vladimir Gruev - Breaking

The athlete in this week's feature is Vladimir Gruev or Flowadelyx. He's been breaking (breakdancing) since 2007 and is not only an athlete, but most importantly, an artist. Without further ado, here is what he has to share about his passion!



What motivated you to start? Is there anyone you look up to?

Ironically, when I was growing up, I hated dance. But when I saw breaking, it felt like the closest thing to being a superhero. Breaking was my escapism and biggest source of joy and freedom. Some of the people who have influenced me throughout the years are Cloud, Chey Jurado, Link, Zak the Thriller, Fuego.


What challenges have you faced so far?

Not comparing myself to others.
Listening to my body.
Developing a more mature understanding of dance in order to increase longevity and make a career out of it.
Living out of a suitcase.


Did you have to make any sacrifices along the way?

In the bigger picture, I could say nothing really felt like a sacrifice. In the past I’ve tried to have a normal job and life but that felt much more like a sacrifice than all the efforts my current way of life requires.


How do you find fulfilment and what keeps you going?

Among other factors, the purest fuel is the joy and freedom I get from movement. The creative fulfilment of coming up with new ideas. Connecting with other artists through dance. These sensations are priceless and the main reason to keep going.


What are your goals?

To keep developing and becoming a better and most authentic version of myself.
To choreograph a dance piece using contemporary and urban dance.
In the last couple of months I won a few competitions in Bulgaria and Italy and it felt kinda good, so why not put a couple of contests on the bucket list as well!



What tips would you give someone who is just starting in your field?

Take care of your body - it's your main instrument. Always keep searching.


Have there been any useful tools that have helped you along the way?

GoPro or any other camera. Recording and analysing your sessions is a great way to improve faster.


And any useful resources?

@struthless I'm surprised as well from my own recommendation but this guy has helped me to create a bit more pleasant environment in my head and I think it's a great channel for any artist, athlete, human being.


Where can we find you on the internet/social media?



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Great read! Much success to him in the future


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