Paul Kerton - Bodybuilding

Paul Kerton - Bodybuilding

Very excited to launch our new athlete feature! Meet our first athlete in the spotlight – Paul Kerton. He started bodybuilding in 1988 and hasn’t stopped ever since! Paul also follows a plant-based diet and helps vegans improve their performance. We asked Paul a few questions about the challenges he faced and the tips he has in store. Read about his journey below.


What motivated you to start? Is there anyone you look up to?

I was skinny and did know how to stand up for myself. My biggest bodybuilding inspiration is Dorian Yates.


What challenges have you faced so far?

I had initial misgivings about going vegan as a bodybuilder. Happily, it turned out to be the best decision I ever made.


Did you have to make any sacrifices along the way?

Constantly. One need to prioritise training, good nutrition and sleep over being lazy, eating junk and staying up late and partying, etc.


How do you find fulfilment and what keeps you going?

I use my physique to advocate for veganism. I ate more animals than anyone and now that I know better, I’m trying to redress the harm I caused.


What are your goals?

Be the best ambassador for the animals and improve the health and nutritional IQ of my fellow man through my content creation on YouTube and Instagram and via my online coaching.


What tips would you give someone who is just starting in your field?

The biggest mistake I made early on in my bodybuilding career was to be in too much of a rush to build muscle mass so inevitably I would put on a lot of body fat also and have to spend time dieting down. Now I advocate for a slow and steady (and less ego driven) approach.


Have there been any useful tools that have helped you along the way?

I always used to say that the best bodybuilding equipment was a pen and a pad (to log your workouts and be scientific about progressive overload). Now of course I make notes on my iPhone! The other thing I’ve found to be game-changing is fractional weights discs. I have a set that goes as light as 1/8 Kg. Adding a tiny bit of extra weight that the body can handle to the bar (or stack) really adds up over the months and years!


And any useful resources?

I was always a massive fan of the book Beyond Brawn by Stuart McRobert. It’s very old now but really informs on how to structure the training week, individual workouts and programme for that all-important progressive overload.


Where can we find you on the internet/social media?

Instagram: @hench_herbivore




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