Axel - Weightlifting & Functional Fitness

Axel - Weightlifting & Functional Fitness

Happy Friday everyone! This week’s athlete in the spotlight is Axel Schura. He is currently practicing weightlifting and functional fitness, while maintaining a plant-based diet. Axel's always loved being active, his athletic career started with football when he was a child. Besides training to have a strong body, Axel also trains his mind to be equally strong. 


What motivated you to start? Is there anyone you look up to?

Many people! Especially Mischa Janiec who inspired me to go vegan!


What challenges have you faced so far?

Well, beating cancer was probably the biggest one ;)


Did you have to make any sacrifices along the way?

There have been many throughout the years.


How do you find fulfilment and what keeps you going?

I just genuinely enjoy being alive. I know what it’s like to face death and I rather choose to be alive. Spending time with the people I love is fueling me.


What are your goals?

I have many. The main one: helping people to unleash their full potential.


Any current projects you'd like to share?

I have a membership that transforms habits of people and therefore their entire life :)


What tips would you give someone who is just starting in your field?

You are going to face rejection. Be okay with it. Pain + Reflection = Progress.


Have there been any useful tools that have helped you along the way?



And any useful resources?

Anything you can get from Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn ;)


Where can we find you on the internet/social media?

Everywhere @axelschura


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