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Marin and Julian - DULO founders

Julian and Marin here,

We are the people behind DULO, a company formed around the idea of creating time and convenience in a stylish manner.

The DULO journey began in September 2016. The initial idea was to try and make a non-iron dress shirt from advanced fabrics in Bulgaria, a place with great traditions in textile and clothing manufacturing, also our home country. Throughout the next few months after its inception, the idea continued to evolve into something bigger than the notion of making hassle-free clothing. The intention switched to the concept of “creating time” - an attempt to free up people from the mundane, to educate and enable people to take control of their time. Because what is more important than having control of your time and using it on your own terms?

We’ve been very open about our journey. Documenting every important thought and decision has been a central part of our strategy to bring our ambition to life. This deep look into our process has been recorded in video, audio, text and image formats and spread across various channels on the web, hopefully providing value for someone else who either wants to or is already building something new.

As it does, it all started with 001 episode of the vlog, on 25th of March, 2017.

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for a lot of tremendous people that have helped us along the way: friends and family, who have supported us from the get go and encourage us to keep moving forward; our manufacturing partner, who always goes to great lengths to ensure we have the highest quality products; you, the people who take part in our journey - those who help us improve the product, content and company. To all of you, we say “Thank you!”

Today, the journey continues. We are just starting, still figuring out a lot of things as we go along, documenting all of it. It isn’t always easy, but our focus on the ambition to create products that save time for people and building sustainable business, keeps us going forward.

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