Hey fellow SHS listener :)

We know it's a long shot for you to purchase a dress shirt from performance fabrics without first touching it. But, with an industry average return rate of 30%, we have 0%. Also, people that do have them have been kind in reviews.

Ryan Carson DULO Customer

"As soon as I put on my DULO, I knew I'd found the perfect shirt. It's the only dress shirt for me from now on."

Ryan Carson
CEO, Treehouse

Dimitar Mihaylov DULO Customer

"The product is top class, fits excellent, yet keeps your outfit as elegant as possible."

Dimitar Mihaylov
CEO, BB-Team

Nicholas Olsen DULO Customer

"This shirt is like wearing a cloud!"

Nicholas Olsen
Co-Founder, Tapa Creative

They seem to be preferred by people who value their time and plan on investing it in building a legacy, instead of ironing and trips to the dry cleaners.

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