Commitment to Quality

From the beginning, we set out on this journey with the intention to create a delightful and premium experience.

This motivation is deeply ingrained in our product development philosophy. We want to create positive reactions at every touchpoint with our brand.

All our dress shirts are made from premium, advanced European materials and responsibly produced by expert tailors and seamstresses in Bulgaria - our place of origin.

We spent almost a year in testing and iterating over every aspect of the shirts - from the fabric, through the labels, to the packaging. Our attention to detail does not stop with the product! We also work towards improving the website and the content we put out regularly. Moreover, we pay special attention to have a 100% quick response rate to any queries and comments we receive. If you don't believe it, check out our social media posts - we personally answer everyone :)

While we are quite happy with the standard of quality around DULO, we are never satisfied and we will keep trying to improve and deliver an even better overall experience. It's a promise!

The Long Term

We also believe in creating superior products, while causing the least harm possible to the planet. Contrary to popular belief, research shows that using synthetic materials could be less harmful to the environment, compared to cotton. It’s ability to be produced in a more controlled environment, with technology that is only advancing, as well as the lack of need for heavy water dying and pesticide use, results in longer term environmental benefits.

We will be sure to keep moving towards more and more innovative, recyclable and reusable approaches for the future.

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