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Origins Rose

Description: We crave attention. It feels nice to be noticed. At the same time, we don't want to be perceived as an attention seeker on an empty street. The Origins Rose dress shirt is as subtle as it gets. It will elevate your style, without letting it go to your head... or above it. Disclaimer: you'll still be able to think out of the box.

+ Product Details

  • Non-iron, wrinkle resistant
  • 4-way stretch
  • Antibacterial
  • Machine-washable
  • Can be worn tucked, or untucked
  • Silver ions treatment
  • 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
  • Responsibly made in Bulgaria
+ Care Instructions

Every DULO shirt is machine-washable. Make sure you set the temperature to warm (40 degrees Celsius or around 104 Fahrenheit), or below.

Before you put the shirt in the washing machine, please remove the collar stays placed in the little pockets underneath the collar. If you leave them in, they might fall out during the washing cycle.

Once the washing is done, do not tumble dry. Just take the shirt out and hang to dry. Wear directly. Once you put it on, body heat will warm the fabric and straighten itself out. Your shirt will only look better as the day goes on ;)

+ Size and Fit

Model wears size "M".
Measurements: Height - 185cm. Chest - 97cm. Waist - 79cm. Hips - 99cm.

Our shirts are "trim fit". It is a fit between a regular and a slim fit.

You can refer to our size guide for detailed measurements.

If you are still not sure about your size, please contact us at, we will be glad to help.

+ Shipping and Returns

We try to get your shirts to you in the fastest way possible. Order fulfillment happens on the same or early the next day.

The expected delivery times vary by location. Within Europe it takes 2-5 working days for delivery. For customers outside Europe, we offer two options at checkout: a standard delivery which takes between 10-15 working days, and a fast delivery which takes 2-5 working days.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your shirt, we have a flexible returns policy and we handle it on a case-by-case basis, with the ultimate goal of making you happy. If you have any questions, before, during, or after purchase, please let us know! You can contact us on social @weardulo, or write to


For a quick reference, check out our FAQ page.

We are here for you. For any questions, please drop us a line at or @weardulo on social. We have fast response times for any enquiries.

+ Offers

We don't believe in store wide sales and discounts, as we value the hard work and expertise of the people that help us create our products.

We do have a "Buy 3, get 1 free" offer though, just use the code "FREESHIRT" at checkout, when you have 4 or more items in the cart.

We are also big fans of personal discounts, so please get in touch and ask for one, more often than not we'll make you a personal code ;)

Imagine waking up calmer, knowing that you don’t have to plan time for ironing. You put on a shirt, straight from the rack where it has naturally dried from a normal machine wash.

Tying your shoes freely, without the shirt becoming untucked, due to the 4-way stretch and taking on the day ahead.

Now imagine that the same shirt looks better throughout that day, the more you wear it, because of body heat reacting with the fabric and releasing any wrinkles.

Also, the silver ions in a DULO shirt prevent bacteria build up and chances are you will be able to wear it a few times before washing.

*Unless you're threading through a rainforest, you should be fine with wearing it more than once.

What our customers say

"This shirt is like wearing a cloud!"

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Why is DULO better?


Non-iron & wrinkle resistant

Are you tired of ironing your dress shirt in the morning? Those are 10 minutes you could be spending working on your passion project. Our non-iron, wrinkle resistant technology saves you time and keeps you looking better the more you wear it.

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Four-way stretch & comfort

Traditional cotton shirts constrict your movement and cause the shirt to become untucked. We use high-performance fibers that allow for a 4-way stretch which provides supreme comfort and keeps you moving freely.


Antibacterial & smell resistant

Sweat is good when it comes from hard work, but it can turn into a confidence killer otherwise. The last thing you want when you need to look and feel your best is to catch an unpleasant odor coming from you. Every DULO shirt comes with a special silver ions treatment, giving it antibacterial properties that prevent the accumulation of bacteria and bad smells.

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Easy-care & machine-washable

Value your time and save those trips to the dry cleaners. We engineered a shirt that removes the hassle of taking care of it. Just throw it in the washing machine, hang to dry and wear. Yeap, simple.

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