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DULO presents:

The Early Days Podcast

A podcast about the ups and downs of building a business from scratch. We interview fellow entrepreneurs about their experience in starting and building businesses. We go behind the scenes and try to unearth what their early days, weeks, months, and years were like.

If you are new to the podcast, we highly reccommend these three episodes.

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TDS 2 - From $500 to a several million dollar business

On this episode we met with Johnny Bunn of Redeemed Productions ( who built a wedding photography business from $500 to several million dollar business.

TDS 1 - How do you optimise your energy?

How do you optimise for energy? When you are building a business you need a lot of energy reserves to deal with all the issues and work that is part of the process.

TDS 0 - The one we talk about ourselves

In this very first episode of our podcast we talk about ourselves. A friend was visiting us and we took the opportunity to introduce who we are and what we do.
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