On this episode of the show we had a very special guest from Hollywood - Kent Speakman (@kentspeakman). Kent is a serial entrepreneur, entertainer and producer who uses the power of technology to bring attention to important social causes. Combining LIVE streaming, high-quality production and the power of celebrity, he is able to raise interest about charity events and causes that people can stand behind. In his own words: "such events, without the possibilities new technology provides, would only be available to a 1000 or so people, so why not open this up to a larger audience".

Kent started out as a chef, transitioned into entertainment through the agency world, and eventually started to work on his own businesses. Currently, he runs KNEKT.TV - an award winning Los Angeles based production and live streaming company. The focus is producing world class live and pre-recorded HD broadcasts from exclusive events, concerts, performances, charity galas, fundraisers and red carpet shows, as well as developing and producing film and TV shows with a core theme of conscious content and social good.

In this episode we talk about Kent's early days as an entrepreneur, how his interest in social good causes developed, tips on improving live streams, vegan food and bison meat, KNEKT.TV's future plans and cover the topics of health and well-being (meditation, healthy food and more).

We hope you enjoy this episode!


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