Ryan Carson: The Importance Of Knowing Your Why

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My name is Marin and with my co-founder Julian, we interview fellow entrepreneurs about their experience of starting businesses. As we are building our own apparel company, and documenting our early days, we wanted to go behind the scenes with other entrepreneurs and find out what their early days were like.

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The Early Days Podcast S2E19 - Ryan Carson, CEO Treehouse

Our guest on the show this week is Ryan Carson. Ryan is the founder and CEO of Treehouse - an education platform that makes it easy to learn code and find a job in tech. Fun fact - both Julian and I are students of Treehouse and the work that Ryan has been doing over the years has greatly impacted our lives.

During our conversation with Ryan, we covered many topics around entrepreneurship, education, and having a purpose. Some of the things we discussed in depth include:

  • being mission-driven
  • knowing your why
  • asking for help
  • documenting your life and journey
  • becoming better at sales
  • the importance of equality and inclusion in education

It was a blast to have Ryan on the show! You should definitely head online and share your favorite bits from this episode with him - he is @ryancarson on both Twitter and Instagram. In addition, if you want to learn more about Treehouse and start teaching yourself coding - head over to teamtreehouse.com and enroll in one of the tracks. You'll be off building things on your own in no time, I'm speaking from experience.

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