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How to start a podcast?

Lessons on podcasting from Kevin Horek, host of Building The Future Show.

Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

My name is Marin and with my co-founder Julian, we interview fellow entrepreneurs about their experience of starting businesses. As we are building our own apparel company, and documenting our early days, we wanted to go behind the scenes with other entrepreneurs and find out what their early days were like.

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The Early Days Podcast S2E17 - Kevin Horek

On this episode of the show, we talk with Kevin Horek - a radio and podcast host of the Building the Future Show. Kevin interviews startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and others helping to make our world a better place.

With years of experience in the broadcasting world, we dug deep with Kevin on the topic of starting a podcast.

More and more people are turning their eye to podcasts and with the adoption and advancement of voice, it seems that the format will gain further in popularity.

But how do you start? This is a question a lot of beginners face, we included.

This conversation with Kevin presented the opportunity to dig deep and feed off of Kevin's experience and provide a starter's blueprint for podcasting.

We discuss the hardware a starter podcaster needs to record, then proceed to software for the editing process, and wrap up with popular approaches of distribution.

We hope this episode answers the question of how to start a podcast and helps you start your own show! If you want to learn more about Kevin, head over to his website. Make sure you also check out Building the Future Show where we will be appearing in the near future as guests!

Thank you for listening and if you enjoy this episode and find value, share it with a trusted friend or colleague. We would also appreciate your love and rating!

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