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Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

My name is Marin and with my co-founder Julian, we interview fellow entrepreneurs about their experience of starting businesses. As we are building our own apparel company, and documenting our early days, we wanted to go behind the scenes with other entrepreneurs and find out what their early days were like.

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The Early Days Podcast S2E16 - Ben Smith, Julian, and Marin

It's a pleasure to welcome back Ben Smith to the podcast! Ben, who was our guest earlier in the year, is an entrepreneur, currently exploring the voice tech/marketing space. He also is an advisor to other companies and entrepreneurs, helping them start and build profitable, sustainable businesses.

This conversation ended up more like a brainstorming session where three friends discuss entrepreneurship. A lot of gold nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom were spoken. We talk about how entrepreneurship perceived as giving is a great way to reframe the topic, how to encourage more people to start a business, what is the main barrier to start a business, and much, much more.

If you want to learn more about Ben and his work, head over to bensmith.tv. Make sure you also check out the Voice Entrepreneur community on Facebook and say "Hi" to Ben and other entrepreneurs.

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