Origins #99 - Messing up is O.K.


We’ve been at this blog thing for about 2 years now, this post being #99 of the series, on a weekly basis.

I am (Julian) usually in charge of writing the majority of our “Origins” posts (nope, Marin is not lazy, he just takes care of the video and sound production side of the DULO content) and I usually try to write and post them on a Saturday, as the weekend is the only time we have 100% free to work on DULO.

The majority of our posts so far have gone out on schedule, but lately, I have been trying to catch up, especially with the last post, that went out nearly a week late, and this one with a 6-day delay.

Usually, we try to stay on track with content creation, so being late or not delivering a task I am responsible for, on time, bothers me a bit, both on a personal level, as well as being accountable to the other 50% of the process, aka the co-founder, aka Marin.

However, context and reasons matter and for us, the last couple of weeks, the focus and efforts have been shifted to a) updating the website in a major way and b) recording a lot of podcasts for the new season of The Early Days Podcast.

So, as long as efforts are being made in building one part of the business while putting others on the backburner, progress is made and that’s perfectly fine.

It’s a delicate balance of efforts when you are limited by time and finances, but it keeps you focused on the most important things at a point in time.

We have quite a few podcasts recorded now that we just need to produce to have a library of content that will last us a few months and with the website in much better shape, we can get back to regular blogging :)

Missing a deadline is OK.

We are not surgeons. Nothing is THAT critical.

There’s no need for unnecessary pressure and self-judgment, as long as we keep moving.