Origins #98 - YouTube partnerships


Last year, by far our biggest success when it comes to marketing was a video collaboration with an Italian YouTuber that massively outperformed any ads or Instagram influencer campaigns in terms of traffic and sales.

You can watch the video here.

It brought up to 100 people to the site, on a daily basis, for around a month.

Given that it was a product review in the form of a gift recommendation for Christmas it also had a much higher conversion rate than any other organic traffic.

So, after we made a solid step (hopefully) into making our website more conversion “friendly”, by clarifying our message and product, we now want to take what worked, replicate it and scale it as our first big move into putting DULO on the map in a more substantial way.

Some stats for reference, for December, from that one video.

DULO website performance December

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we try A LOT of stuff out, quickly, 99% of the time failing, but once in a while we do get a very clear data point of what is working and we keep it going forward.

Thinking about it, our first year in business was pretty much a sample run, gathering feedback and making sure that our product is up to par and represents the quality and value we want to bring to the market.

Having a positive reception by the people who have tried it out so far, with next to none returns or complaints, it gives us the confidence to now be loud about the product, making sure it reaches the people we think can benefit from the product and hopefully start scaling that process as we move towards a stronger focus on revenue.

EU Focus

Being based in Europe, we will first try to build a roster of European YouTubers for 2 main reasons:

  1. First mover advantage

We are one of the VERY few companies (if not the only one) who is building this exact product. There are many cotton non-iron shirt companies, as well as anti-stain shirts, but no one is building a product that is non-iron because of a technological performance fabric that irons itself out.

  1. Shipping rates and rates

People would be much more willing to try a product out if the shipping rates are less expensive and delivery times are fast. Both things that we can pretty much provide only in Europe as we store and ship our products from Holland.

The Plan

Our next steps will be to start building up a list of people to approach, reach out to them, see what their terms are and what we can afford and freestyle it from there ;)

Do you know any European based YouTubers that would be a good fit?