Origins #96 - Homepage redesign


We talked about giving the website a bit of an overhaul in our last post, in this one I want to show you our current work in progress design wireframe for the homepage and take you through some of the thoughts, goals, and decision behind the new version.

The general goal for the overhaul is to uplift the brand aesthetics, making it more consistent with our above average price point, while also introducing a bit of a more playful tone of voice in our copy and communication, while clarifying the message and explaining the product in a more concise way.

This is also a great exercise in trying to further drill down and find our target audience, who they are and how we want to be speaking to them.

*Copy in design is just a placeholder and work in progress ;)


DULO Homepage Banner

THE most important section of a homepage. This is the first thing a visitor sees and also the only guaranteed real estate on the website that a visitor will see before/if he leaves.

For this section we need to:

  1. Immediately translate the feel for a more premium brand
  2. Clearly explain what we are selling
  3. Give a clear CTA (call to action) for people that want to view the products.


DULO Performance Shirt Benefits

In this section, we introduce the failures of NOT using our product and the benefits of using it.

It's also a nice play on the usual logic that 2>0, but in our case, 0 time spent taking care of dress shirts is better than 2h every week.

We also give a more visual cue supporting the “time” aspect with the "time" icon, another CTA and a strong element of how many hours our product has saved in total (roughly).


DULO Performance Dress Shirt Properties

Here we do two things.

Introduce the product and the color combinations for the first time, as well as provide the actual benefits of the product, supported by a visual icon to strengthen the message (also if someone is just skimming).


DULO Performance Dress Shirt Reviews

Social proof being very important, this section is moved up to where it was previously. We start off with our most well-known client's testimonial and also give the option to read all our reviews for even more social proof support of our product from actual people that are using it.

Another CTA

DULO Performance Dress Shirts Shop Now

A more playful section, including visuals, introducing a slightly different tone of voice of what we had so far and again another CTA leading to the collection page.

Size guide

DULO Performance Dress Shirt Size Guide

From experience, we know that the hardest hurdle for us to get over selling a dress shirt in an e-com environment are the size concerns that people have not having tried the product physically.

We address this concern in this section, again with a little play on words (confirming the new tone of voice), visuals that provide information that we have an extensive size guide, as well as a form that people can fill in their height and weight (the black box on the left will become that :) from where we can give personal advice and based on experience suggest the perfect fit/size.


And here is the mockup design of the full page:

Full homepage

DULO Full Page Homepage Design

This is what we have so far.

As with any process, things might change a bit, but this is the general direction we want to take.

As always and forever, we appreciate, encourage and welcome any feedback, thoughts, ideas, and comments you might have regarding the said above, drop us a line!