Origins #92 - Plans for 2019

If you've been following us on Instagram, you've seen a post about our goals and plans for 2019.

In this post, I want to go over them in a bit more detail and elaborate on the thinking and motivation behind these moves.

*Do keep in mind that as with most things that we do, we never set in stone strategies, but rather have a general direction of where we want to go and what we want to do and freestyle our way towards it with the resources that we can allocate, mainly time and financials.

So, here are the things that we want to focus on for at least the first few months of the year:

R&D of our second collection

As we are moving through and selling out our first collection we need to start thinking about the things that we have learned from it and create an improved product for our second one.

We can see a few main areas of improvement:

- More sizes and fits (can't cater to many body types with only one fit)

- Streamline the look of our shirts in a more modern presentation (reduce any loose fabric, remove unnecessary stitching etc.)

- Look into more sustainable performance fabrics. This is a BIG one and a focus of our current R&D efforts. We are looking into things such as natural fabrics and/or biodegradable options.

- Improve our manufacturing process in terms of speed and flexibility of production.

Sell out the remaining inventory from our first collection

In a purely financial and logistical sense, being bootstrapped, we need the funds generated from our first collection to invest back and help fund the second.

Content strategy

During the past two years, we've gotten O.K. at creating content, but the distribution and letting more and more people know about it has been a weak point.

That's why this year we need to start thinking more about WHO and WHERE we want to reach with our content, which in turn will dictate how we create content.

This also includes educating ourselves and understanding how the biggest platforms work and how we can leverage them in the best way possible to reach our people.

We also want to keep on improving the quality in terms of putting ourselves as a consumer of our content and understand how we can provide the most value, hence making it worthwhile the consumption.

Quantity is another thing that we want to increase, balancing it with quality and finding smarter and more efficient ways to create and distribute content, while also juggling it time-wise given our day jobs.

A stronger focus on LinkedIn

We are all about communicating and creating products for people that are building businesses and want to leverage entrepreneurship for their personal independence as well as bringing a positive change in the space they are creating in.

Our target group combined with the still good organic reach and network effect of LinkedIn (what Facebook had in the beginning and what Instagram is starting to lose) makes us want to be very active on it, while it's still in the positive swing of the algorithm game.

Copy overhaul on

Branding, WHO we want to speak to and HOW is going to be another focus, so that will inevitably lead to a copy, as well as a design overhaul of our website

Exclusive drops/collections

We have some ideas around creating exclusive collaborations with people we admire and want to develop a win-win partnership with, for both parties, in terms of business, brand and positive change for the things we respectively care about.

There are a few names in mind that we will start approaching after figuring out our next product iteration that we'll keep a secret for now, but will let you know once anything is concrete :)

So here it is, the initial wave of focus points for 2019. Some will change, some will stay, as they always do in the process of learning and building a business from scratch.

Thank you again for reading our posts and following along and let's get to work ;)