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Origins #88 - A little Sunday update

Sometimes you don't have much to report, or do you :O?

Origins #88 - A little Sunday update

In this series we are documenting the journey of building DULO, starting from Day 1. Every week we publish a new chapter that takes you behind the scenes of our process. With every article, we want to provide value to you, the reader. We share the success and failures, the opportunities and the challenges that we face while executing our vision.

If you are new, check out our previous post.


Heya peeps, first of all, thank you for taking the time to read our little blog post series <3

In this series, we usually try to document/update what has been happening from our side in terms of building the business, OR any other business related musing that we find might be interesting/useful to share with the community.

This week me and Marin we're quite busy at our full-time jobs and along with other personal appointments, we don't have much to report for the past week, but I will give you a little tease of what's our current focus and what you can expect from us in the near future.

small sub-topic

We are expecting some of the influencers we've partnered up with to start posting on their feeds, while hopefully generating awareness for the brand around Amsterdam.

The nice thing here is that we also kindly asked if it was possible to receive any other shots that they make with our product, but will not use, so we can use it for our social channels, as well as website.

You can see the first post from Willem here, be on the looking for the others :)

BIG sub-topic

We want to build this brand around two main pillars - ENTREPRENEURSHIP and SUSTAINABILITY.

I know we've been rambling on about the first one quite a lot, but we've kept relatively quiet about the second.

The reason is that we are currently R&D'ing more sustainable performance materials that we are VERY excited to share with you and use for our next collection, but we're keeping it under wraps until we have some concrete information with details.

second BIG sub-topic

Limited partnerships and apparel collections with entrepreneurs.

This is also in the teaser phase, because we want to finalize the R&D process (for the next collection), figure out what's the next version of the product we can bring to market and then try out a business model that is focused on collaborations and partnerships with entrepreneurs that we respect in a "limited drop" fashion, sharing profits for a cause we can all stand behind.

This "not much to report", turned out to be a nice "some things to report".

You never know with writing... I guess often it's just a matter of starting…