Origins #86 - LESS inputs, MORE output?


This week, on two occasions, I got asked what type of content I consume when it comes to books, podcasts, blogs, vlogs etc.

Couldn't think of any.

Sure, I do skim/scan over something once in a while, but besides that, no real commitment to following/consuming anything regularly.

I guess there are a few reasons:

  1. Time: Working a full-time job gives me 2-3 hours in the evening during the week and a few more during the weekend which I rather spend creating and/or engaging, rather than consuming.
  2. Self-awareness: I learn best by doing a lot and experimenting (DULO style), 99% of the time failing, but boy, does that 1% stick better than any book, blog, podcast, TED talk ever can.
  3. Context: Most of the content you can consume is what I call "broad theory". General lessons or experiences based on someone else' context on how they navigated in it. I feel a lack of "depth" when it comes to implementing those lessons into my own unique context and that changes everything. Unless they are some generic life/business rules I find it easier to figure out my own way around things, rather than take someone else's framework and try to adapt it.

Don't get me wrong, this is not an advice piece on what YOU should do, it's sharing what I am doing.

"Different folks, different strokes".

What I do know is that knowing/working out the YOU part of the variable makes or breaks the equation.

How do you learn best?



Originally published as part of our weekly Founder's Newsletter.