Origins #74 - The BS Excuse Killer List

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The one thing you can always find if you look for it - an excuse.

In this edition of the newsletter, I want to share with you a list of resources that have been helpful to me personally and also allowed us to build DULO.

I’ll call the list “Bullshit Excuse Buster List” and please, if you have any other resources that you think would fit in that list, do get back to me, I want this list to be an organic thing that grows, updates and with time helps more and more people.

Ere we go.

Always wanted to get into the tech wave that provides excellent career opportunities, but didn’t graduate anything related to IT? Join the team, I managed to go from an event manager position to a web developer with a total investment of $100 and 4 months of online courses. Enter Treehouse. Treehouse enabled me to increase my income and career opportunities manyfold and most importantly allowed us to be able to have savings to bootstrap DULO.

Podcasts are on the rise, audio and voice are going to be the next frontier and having a podcast is a helluva hack and an excuse to talk to people well above your pay grade. With Anchor, not only can you record a podcast directly from your phone for free, they will also take care of the distribution and push it on all the major podcasting apps (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher etc.).

Content is the price of entry in building any sort of personal brand or business, with design and creative being a big part in that. But, maybe you’re like me and can do a great stick man, but that’s about it. Give Canva a whirl, instant web design skills. No laptop? No problemo. You can also do it completely from your phone through their app.

Need to build a quick online portfolio or an amazing looking website? For a simple one page solution check out Carrd, otherwise, for a more complete design give Squarespace a go.

You have a great product to sell, but you’re still not leveraging e-commerce and selling to other markets? Shopify makes the whole process a joke and even we being two developers building our own e-commerce store, choosing Shopify over coding a custom solution was a no-brainer

You know how most people had the idea for Uber, AirBnb, Facebook etc., but it stayed just that, an idea, while Mark was executing it. Well, now with Bubble you can make a complex app without any coding skills (pains me to say this as a developer). A colleague of mine is currently building her own, without ANY coding knowledge and having a blast doing it and being independent of any freelancers or agencies to make it for her. Not to mention doing it by saving a ton of $.

We no longer have middlemen and gatekeepers when it comes to distribution and placement. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube (I don't need to link them do I...) are the current holders of attention and places where people consume content. Start creating your content and leverage these free services, in the same vein they are leveraging our data. Make it an equal relationship in terms of "give and take" and use them to build your thing.

Take those excuses, kill em and start building and creating!

If you got any additions to the BS Excuses Busting List, PLEASE drop me a line and let's make this a great resources for people. Also, if you think of a better name for this resources, do let me know.

I'll look into formatting it and putting it somewhere online.

Have a great 2/7 and talk to you in two weeks ;)

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