Origins #73 - Repurposing content

Maximising video content creation on a budget.

Origins #73 - Repurposing content

In this series we are documenting the journey of building DULO, starting from Day 1. Every week we publish a new chapter that takes you behind the scenes of our process. With every article we want to provide value to you, the reader. We share the success and failures, the opportunities and the challenges that we face while executing our vision.

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In any business context, attention is always going to be the most important asset.

To tell folks about what you are doing, you first need their attention and to do that in today's digital landscape, it means being present and creating content on the biggest platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

In our case, being on a limited budget, we always try to maximize any opportunity for content creation and think of ways of how we can create multiple types of content around one pillar event and/or content.

A good example of this is our first product shoot, during which we hired an extra videographer that can shoot videos while the rest of the team focuses on the images.

His main deliverable was to shoot a behind the scenes video, as well as a few seconds of footage of all the different colours in our collection, but by the nature of the process, he would also have quite a lot of "raw" material that we could still use and not let it go to waste.

In that way, we already have the most organizationally demanding process set up (the photoshoot and the people in involved in it) and we can squeeze out some additional content in a different format - video.

It's a great return on time and effort invested to be able to combine the creation of multiple content types through documenting one process.

That way, we are able to use the full behind the scenes movie separately as a longer form video, but also have shorter form videos as solid content ammunition for social media, as well as our website.

So taking that raw footage that was shot in landscape format we started editing it to make it appropriate for viewing in portrait format. We are mainly going to be using them on Facebook and Instagram due to the preferred format when accessing those platforms from a mobile phone.


  • It's a good idea to try to maximize content creation in a way that can be repurposed and created around a process that is already in place.
  • Especially beneficial for people with limited budgets for video production.
  • Knowing the importance of being visible on the main platforms, content is your price of entry and you can always think of smart ways of distributing it and making sure your message reaches a broader audience across multiple platforms.

Feature photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

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