Origins #72 - Take the call

Last week, a marketing company reached out to us saying they are interested in our product (as they all do) and wanted us to jump on a call with them so they can explain their service and how they can (they always can) help us.

Managing expectations (having none) as we always try to do, we decided to book the call and see what they have to to say.

The reason why we are mostly skeptical about such calls during this early period of our business is that there is usually a fee involved and in our case, being bootstrapped means that we can't afford most external services and are better off doing what we can ourselves.

We started the chat, told our story, the company explained what they do and listed all the marketing and promotional work that they can provide and as a package price casually mentioned $24,000.

Marin and I looked at each other, listened to their pitch until the end and right then and there explained politely that our situation is such that we are a young company and cannot afford their service at this point in time.

We ended the call on a very friendly note and wished each other all the success.

Waste of time?

These 30-40 minutes might seem like a complete waste of time, but even though there was no "end result" per se and we kind of expected that to be the case beforehand, the way we see it, it was a positive return on our time.

We got to practice telling our story (a big part of every successful business), established a relationship that we can expand on later on, few more people learned about DULO and we got data points on the market, pricing, approach and the services that are out there and are used by other companies.

Lesson to ourselves

Given our early stage, we cannot afford to be precious or fancy with our time and reject calls, as every conversation is an excuse to let one more person know about DULO and a great opportunity to expand our knowledge about an industry.

You might think that at some point down the line as awareness around a company increases, taking all those calls might not be realistic, but that's a problem we are looking forward to having and we will consciously make sure to take all the calls we can.


Feature photo by Antoine Barrès on Unsplash