Origins #71 - What's the Alternative?

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Why are you so energetic?

Why are you so positive?

Why are you so motivated?

Why do you work so hard?

I get asked questions like these all the time. To them, I have one answer:

What's the alternative?

Think about it. For me, this question stands for the following - we have a choice when we are faced with a difficult situation. We can feel sorry for ourselves, complain about the situation, find excuses in things we have no control over.


We can choose to act, to make a change - first internally, in our head, then manifest it through our actions. All it takes is to have intent. Realise that the only way to counteract negativity is to proactively pull in the opposite direction.

Practically, that means: to smile and laugh when you are sad, to get to work when you don't feel like it, to go for a run when you feel like staying in bed, to think of your wins and potential when facing a challenging moment in your business.

Positivity > Negativity.

Action > Inaction.

Doing > Pondering.

That's The Choice.

And I have to make this choice all the time. It is not always easy, but when I catch myself going into a negative frame of mind I ask myself the question: what's the alternative?

And I really don't like the answers I get. So, I make The Choice.


Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash