Origins #70 - Repetition is not repetition if the variables have changed

This post was going to be about how after trying out Facebook ads for a few weeks, we'll be stopping the little amounts we've been spending on them and direct those funds into sending out our shirts to entrepreneur influencers.

While preparing this post I remember that we had a similar post a while ago, so I went back to read it and was baffled by how we did the exact same thing a few months ago.

If I had to write this post documenting our thinking the past week, it would've been very similar to the post we'd already written.

I was caught a bit off guard when I read the earlier post and my initial reaction was to default to think that we are repeating the same mistakes again in a negative sense.

However, I realize that there is value in "repeating the same mistakes" and as long as you are self-aware about it you can move forward with a positive data point, accepting that you might've been through this already, but there were reasons for it.


When testing, it's usually better to test more than once.

The first time we sent out product to folks it worked. However, we needed to test out the alternative of paid digital advertising and whether that would be a better ROI in reaching people. At that point, it wasn't and it was smarter to go back to distributing the product to entrepreneurial influencers.

However, after shooting our first professional photo shoot, we again have introduced a new variable which was a better website and going back to testing digital advertising to drive traffic to the website seemed like an appropriate test to do again and see what the results would be.

Going back into digital advertising, we also had more experience on how to do it from the first time, so in theory, the test should've been a better one when compared to the first one.

With some more experience and a better visually looking website we gave it a go, but then again it seemed like the ROI was less than if we'd spent those $ into shipping out the product and building relationships with influencers in the space that we want to position ourselves in.

So here we are, back to the drawing board, but with a more thoroughly tested process and confidence that with the limited funds we do have for marketing it's better to start reaching out to people again and introducing the product to them.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and beat yourself up that you are repeating the same mistakes again, take a step back and realize that repetition is not repetition when the variables have changed (time, experience, context etc.) and shift that mindset into being more confident about your approach going forward (having battle tested it more than once).


Feature photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash