Origins #66 - New New Website

Finally, after blabbing about it for weeks, we have pushed a new version of our website live, including all the new visuals from our first professional product shoot.

The major changes are:

1. New homepage
2. Updated product images on the collection and product pages.
3. Updated size guide images.

Find some images below of the changes + a short description of the motivation behind implementing them that way.


New homepage banner image for DULO performance dress shirts website 

On landing, we want to introduce the brand (encourage people to start their own business), as well as the actual product (performance dress shirt)

DULO  - Size guide and performance dress shirt properties.

Usually, one of the biggest barriers that prevent people from buying online is whether they can get the right size + fit, without interacting with the product physically.

We want to address it straight away in this section, linking to our extensive size guide + introduce the unique selling point of the shirt, which is the time saving and convenience aspect.

Only 2% return rate from DULO performance dress shirts website

Being small still, we can spend a lot of 1-1 time with all our customers and ensure a correct fit. With an industry average return rate of 30%, we have 2% and we are very proud of that.

DULO performance dress shirts - testimonials.

Testimonials and social proof are very important, especially for a new brand. That's why we have our most famous customer front and center, Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse. Also, a CTA to read all of our testimonials.

People wearing DULO performance dress shirts.

Some more social proof and a CTA to the men's collection.

DULO - Slay the 9-5 mindset with us.

Touching on the branding again

DULO - Blog, Podcast, Newsletter, About us page section

The last section of the homepage is the place where we can direct people to more of our original content (podcast, blog, newsletter), as well as the about us page.

Size Guide

DULO performance dress shirts size guide

We replaced the old images of someone holding and measuring the shirt with more compact graphics that show the exact places where the measurements are taken from.

Collection Page

DULO performance dress shirts collection page

With the new product shots in place, this page is looking much better than before.

Product Detail Page

DULO performance dress shirts product details page

The product page now also shows a lot more of the shirt on a human in movement + links out to all the other color variants that we have the shirt in.


All in all a solid update, with a few small things that need to be fixed in order to prepare the website for another try at paid advertising.

What do you think about the new layout/design and images? Let us know if you have any feedback and/or suggestions!