Origins #60 - Exploring physical locations for our product

Origins #60 - Exploring physical locations for our product

The touch and feel

In this series we are documenting the journey of building DULO, starting from Day 1. Every week we publish a new chapter that takes you behind the scenes of our process. With every article we want to provide value to you, the reader. We share the success and failures, the opportunities and the challenges that we face while executing our vision.

If you are new, check out our previous post.

We've mentioned a few times in previous posts that our most successful marketing strategy so far has been to let people physically interact with the product. Keeping that in mind and creating another ingredient to make this business successful, we will start looking into physical locations that we can place DULO in, starting locally.

Being based in Amsterdam there are a lot of opportunities to get in contact with small concept stores and/or boutiques and tell them our story and see whether our product would be a good fit for their store.

Conveniently enough, one of the student groups that are helping us and building their case study on our company, will be approaching a gym for a pop-up opportunity with our shirts. This can be a very valuable pilot and an important data point to see how much attention we can get if the product is present in a similar location.

It also made us think of all the other options there might be when it comes to collaborating with sports facilities such as golf clubs, tennis clubs, and gyms.

On paper, this could be a fruitful environment for our product, given that active people are already familiar with those types of fabrics, as well as the price point being adequate to the lifestyle and income of such folks.

It will be an exciting opportunity to expand the scope and increase our sales channels through collaborations that can hopefully be mutually beneficial, both for us, as well as the stores/facilities we will approach.

We will, of course, keep a focus on our digital/online efforts, but the data we have so far on people interacting with our product, it definitely makes sense to invest some time and resources behind giving the physical location/retail approach a shot.

Having no investors means we can quickly make this decision, see if it works and adapt our business model accordingly.

It's also going to be a great way to to get out there more, talk to the local players and spread the word about what we are doing.

The plan

1. The student group I mentioned will be getting in touch with a high-end gym in a business district to see whether they would be up for it.

2. I will be contacting a sports facility I play tennis at. It has a gym, outside/indoor tennis courts, squash courts, meeting spaces, restaurant and a shop where they sell mostly sports gear, but it will be an interesting conversation to see what they think about placing a hybrid product in there 😉

3. Marin has already gotten in touch with two small stores that we visited, but we didn’t have the product with us, so couldn’t show it.

In general, the goal would be to get a face to face meeting where we can show the product.

This is also going to be an invaluable experience in learning how to tell the story behind the product and the brand, a crucial aspect of building something substantial.

Feature photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash

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