Origins #59 - Updates

Sometimes I have difficulty answering the question "What are you doing now?", in the context of building the business. The reason for that is because most of the time building a business is just many repetitive tasks that are done on a daily basis, building from and on top of each other. "Daily basis" and the consistency aspect of it being the key.

Having said that, there are a few main themes that we've been busy with, in the past few days that I'd like to update you on in this post.


You've probably noticed that the way we've implemented an email collection mechanism is through incentivizing signups to our newsletter by having a giveaway draw at the end of each month with all the new subscribers during that past month. The winner gets a free dress shirt of his choice.

This has significantly increased our sign up rates and we plan to keep doing it going forward. On the 1st of May we drew our second giveaway winner, this time, based in Sofia - Bulgaria, our first winner was based in Berlin - Germany.

Free shirts to influencers

We sat down with Marin and made an extensive list of influencers (entrepreneurs) that we look up to and consider to be on brand with the company we want to build. We've started reaching out to them, telling them who we are and what we are doing and asking whether they would be up for providing an address we can send them our product at.

So far, we've had quite a good success rate when it comes to establishing a conversation and getting that address. I will be sure to update you extensively, once we gather some feedback and results from this outreach effort. I'll also share the names with you, so you can get an idea what kind of people we look up to and want to associate DULO with.

Founder's Newsletter

This has also been the second week of our weekly "Founder's Newsletter", where I and Marin take turns each week to curate an email including some updates on our side, useful articles/tools that we think our community may benefit from, as well as what is currently on our mind.

This gives us the opportunity to bring value to our newsletter subscribers, as well as be more personable by sharing more about ourselves and our interests outside a business context.

Hackernoon and Startup Grind

In the next couple of days, we'll be preparing two pieces/articles for Hackernoon and Startup Grind. I will be writing the one for Hackernoon and Marin will take the one for Startup Grind.

It's a great opportunity to get some exposure and widen our audience, so we will put significant time into creating them, in order to make them the best they can be.

Building a brand for entrepreneurs

If you've been following for a longer time, you probably remember that when we started out, we pretty much directed our messaging only towards the properties of our product, without much branding or substance behind it.

We are working on changing this and making it clear that we want to build a brand that is aimed at entrepreneurs, people working on their own legacy, building, creating and taking control of their time and therefore life.

We also need to start communicating that stronger and clearer through our content, as well as the influencers we want to work with.


In summary some of the points I'm quite happy with:

1. The brand vision is becoming more clear.
2. We managed to get in touch with some serious entrepreneurs and shirts are moving their way.
3. The return rate is still at 0% with a few more shirts in hands of people.
4. Hackernoon and Startup Grind publications.

See you next week and for a chance to win a FREE shirt, as well as receive our weekly Founder's Newsletter, do subscribe here.



Feature photo by Jan Gottweiss on Unsplash