Origins #56 - Ride The Wave

Tailor content to current events

Origins #56 - Ride The Wave

In this series we are documenting the journey of building DULO, starting from Day 1. Every week we publish a new chapter that takes you behind the scenes of our process. With every article we want to provide value to you, the reader. We share the success and failures, the opportunities and the challenges that we face while executing our vision.

If you are new, check out our previous post.

Have you noticed how anytime any superhero movie is about to come out or has just become a box office hit, many fitness youtube channels create a video about "The [insert superhero name here] Workout"? They are smart and it's not accidental.


Superhero workout example by DULO

Superhero workout example by DULO

Superhero workout example by DULO

Superhero workout example by DULO

What they are doing is riding the wave of the escalated interest around the movie and driving traffic to their content. This is supported by most of the algorithms on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. to show relevant content based on interests and past user behaviour.

You can imagine someone clicking/watching a trailer for a movie, then after seeing the movie watching/reading reviews for it and then that themed "workout video" sneaking its way into their feeds.

We tried doing a similar thing for this year's April Fools and create a joke/lie about a popular name becoming our Marketing Director. Ours was not a thematic piece of content, but it did give us an excuse to use a more clickbaity type of heading/content.

It was a spoof article that Marin had written about one year previous, but we never got around to posting it. You can check it out here, but in summary, we wrote that Gary Vaynerchuk will be joining DULO as our Marketing Director and even though he didn’t know it, he’s been helping to build the business from day 1.

We posted it on our website, as well as Medium and promoted it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vero, Indie Hackers and Hacker News.

It created a lot more than our average engagement and traffic.

Shopify’s dashboard showed that the post “The marketing mastermind behind our communication strategy” ranked in the top 10% of all recent Shopify store blog posts and was viewed 398 times, which for us is a substantial number at this point.

Another stat that was positive for us is that we got 4 subscribers to our newsletter, and even though it’s a minuscule figure compared to bigger e-commerce websites, we are very happy and grateful for it.

Post from website

Gary Vaynerchuk joins DULO as Marketing Director April Fool's blog post

Post from Medium

Gary Vaynerchuk joins DULO as Marketing Director April Fool's blog post

Resulting website traffic in comparison. The grey line is a representation of the previous week.

Gary Vaynerchuk joins DULO as Marketing Director April Fool's blog post

There are a lot of opportunities to leverage current events and create bespoke content for it while driving awareness what you or your business is all about.

So, going forward we'll continue trying to use contextual pieces of content for specific occasions and test whether we can improve our feel for "virality", in terms of what kind of content has the characteristics and potential to become reshareable and create a disproportionate return on resource investment. It's also a good exercise in using and understanding current digital platforms to improve our effectiveness on them.

What are some campaigns/pieces of content you think were smart and executed this concept well?

Feature photo by Peter Chamberlain on Unsplash

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