Origins #37 - The project that is always ongoing

We launched the initial version of our website two weeks ago.

The state of the website was a fully functional MVP that could handle transactions and would enable us to test the whole fulfilment process, from order, through shipment, to arrival at the doorstep of our clients.

The initial wave of orders, as expected, were from people who were closely following our process and/or had a sample.

Two main insights came out of that data, two very important points that put us in a good position going forward.

People like the product

Being a slightly different experience, than a regular cotton shirt, the biggest "wow" factor of our product is when people get to interact with it physically. The fact that many people that had a sample made an order, solidifies our belief that our first product is one that can benefit many people and save them time, while looking great.

People care about the process

It might not be millions of people, yet, but people seem to care and follow what we are doing and support us in building DULO. This makes us very happy and gives us the energy to continue building this, with accountability and gratitude towards those people.

Long term vision

The long term vision is getting more clear, but it is a state which will be built in smaller increments. On the short term strategy however, after that expected initial wave, we now need to tackle two major challenges.

Increase traffic to the website

Starting to generate traffic to the website will both increase awareness and start accumulating data, which we can then use to build and base our decisions on.

Increase conversion on the website

The traffic will fuel our understanding of how people interact with the website, what and where we can make improvements, so that conversion rates improve.

The steps mentioned above are a vital part of what we call "Phase 1" of building the company, where we need to start generating revenue and increase our financial capacity, in order to move on to the next phase, which will create an environment where we can have more time to invest in DULO, as well as have more control/input/capability over the manufacturing process.

We also started migrating our blog posts and hosting them on our own website, this way, anytime we share them on social, we will be sharing a link to our own website and therefore increasing its traffic. Hitting two birds with one stone, this will also help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the indexing of the website.

Another thing we'll also create is a "podcast" page, that will host all of our podcasts. This will, again, serve as a destination page, that we'll be pointing to, when sharing content about our podcast, instead of, let's say, SoundCloud.

We believe in owning our content and having as much control over it as possible. This means spreading it out across platforms, BUT also keeping it on our own, in turn covering both distribution and control.

Creating more content that lives on the website regarding the product, our vision and who we are, will also be vital in onboarding folks on what we are trying to accomplish, what products we create and how we go about building the company.

So, for the next few weeks our main focus will be finding a digital agency partner and working on the website.

As always, we encourage you to reach out and say Hi!