Origins #32 — Review of Last Trip Prior to Launch

Here I am writing this post a few days after coming back from our last trip back home to Bulgaria, previous to opening shop. You can see what we had planned for the trip in our last post, in this one I will take you through how well we managed to cover the things that were planned and what other interesting things we managed to squeeze in during the trip.

Things we managed to get done


We needed to get some documents prepared so that people can represent us in front of the local institutions, e.g. accounting, banking.


We got in touch with an accounting firm that will provide us with their services, once we start turning over some revenue.


Setting up online banking, mobile banking and issuing cards.

Manufacturing partner meeting

The most important part of the trip. We managed to spend quality time with our partners, to discuss what we need to take care of currently, what the next steps are, future vision and most importantly talk about stuff besides product development, building a deeper relationship moving forward.

Additional bonuses

  • Managed to book 5 podcasts during the trip!!!
  • Meeting one of our podcast guests live in person!
  • Other interesting meetings, where we managed to discuss and share our vision for the product and company
  • See family

With the operational things taken care of and prepared for launch, we are back in the content creation mindset, as well as keeping very close contact with our manufacturer to ensure we have a stellar product, come the time to launch.