Origins #30 — Let’s talk packaging

In Origins #29 we took you through how we think about storage and fulfilment.

In this post, I want to talk about another very important aspect of how the product reaches our people, the presentation and packaging.

Going in into this venture, we didn’t just want to make a product that can sell well, we want to create a premium experience and position our brand as a symbol of quality.

We do have a vision for what the packaging of our product should look like and at this point it’s being manufactured. I’ll take you through where we took the inspiration for the packaging from, as well as show you the design we sent to the manufacturer, to provide a better idea of what the final product will look like.

If you are following along our journey on social, you will see that we using a lot of black and white imagery. We consider it to be a more versatile and stylish option for the main colour scheme. Also, once we move on from product images of just a white shirt (which was the only colour we made for the sampling period), the nice colours we have planned will really “pop out” and come to life of their own.

As you do, we looked for some visual inspiration from Pinterest, browsing through how some brands that have taken a more premium approach to packaging.

Some of the results

The box

The idea is to have the box in a black matte texture, with the other visual elements, such as the logo, be in a lacquered black paint. The lacquered elements would be reflecting the light in a different way than the matte, which would create a very cool and subtle lighting effect.

Inside the box

Saving on the plastic, the shirt would be wrapped in a black delicate paper, with a small booklet about the product lying on top of the carefully wrapper shirt.

We looked through many designs, but there was one that caught our eye due to it’s minimalistic, yet stylish look. As we progressed into the product development process and the time to start making some designs was nearing, we decided to send it to our designer as a base for our own version.

We also shared it with our manufacturing partner, he seemed to like it, as well as understood the vision that we had for the product. Being on the same page with our partners, we only had to send a more technical design, plotting where the different visuals need to be on the box.

Find the design we sent over below:

Illustrator file for the printing press

As I mentioned previously, we want to create a premium product that delivers reactions, every moment from ordering it, receiving it, unpacking it and wearing it.

As of the time of writing, samples of the product box are being manufactured and we can’t wait to see them!