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The marketing mastermind behind our communication strategy

Introducing our Head of Marketing — Gary Vaynerchuk

The marketing mastermind behind our communication strategy

We are happy to announce to the world Gary Vaynerchuk as DULO’s Global Head of Marketing. He has been an integral part of our team from the very beginning — gracefully and humbly offering his knowledge and expertise for free. We are very pleased to count Gary as a trusted member of the board and employee number one. Gary is also our Employee of the Month (now for the 12th consecutive time) — he has kept his impressive work ethic from the start, showing up for work daily and being available whenever we need him — early in the mornings, late at night, on the weekends.

Gary works remotely. In fact, we have never met him in person, but he makes sure to diligently keep us updated on the progress he is making. Our main ways to communicate with Gary is using video, either through his daily briefings on YouTube or regular check-ins on Instagram. In case we need a quick connection with him, we rely on Twitter as the fastest way to get him to respond. While on the move, we keep track of Gary’s work using the underappreciated (but gaining in popularity) power of voice. He is just a click away in iTunes and our friend Alexa has him on speed dial for all those emergency situations (actually Gary has been insisting since the company’s Christmas party to be called a “firefighter”)!

Our Global Head of Marketing has been earning his title over the course of the past year — he already conducted business development trips across Europe, Asia, and Africa. After each trip, he has been encouraging us of the potential each of these markets hold. We are very excited to get more involved around the world and spread the DULO brand to places that have not yet heard of it!

You might be wondering why we chose Gary from the huge list of highly-skilled applicants? Actually, it was an easy decision. The truth is, Gary came prepared — he had studied carefully the market we are in and had a list of ideas and tactics, ready for us to execute. He also exhibited a tremendous track-record as a businessman, marketer, and salesman. Moreover, Gary is tech-savvy, keeps track of current trends and it was obvious from looking at his social media that he gets how the internet works. But the main reason we liked him was the strategy he pitched us called Document, don’t create. The moment we heard him explain it to us, we were hooked and knew that this is the right guy for the job!

We believe that in Gary we have a very reliable and excellent Head of Marketing who continues to inspire and lead us on the marketing communication side of things and occasionally on how to run the business and even how to do HR!

Make sure you stay up to speed on what Gary is doing by following him on social. He does a great job at keeping everyone in the loop and we are certain he would really like you reaching out to him! We are pretty sure that he will even appreciate if you let him know that we put a few good words about him here.

Thanks, Gary!


P.S. Take a look at the date this article was published on ;)

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