Julian here.

Julian here.

I don’t know if you noticed, but last week’s email was written by my co-founder Marin. We figured, since we are experimenting a lot with the format of this newsletter, we’d take turns and see what flows through us that we think is worth sharing.

Some people will like it, some will not and unsubscribe and that is OK, we are still trying to find our audience and we hope you are part of it and stick around 😊

Little ad read time 😊 I also have a weekly newsletter on LinkedIn where I share my ideas and process, so feel free to subscribe to it there, in case you want to hear from me every week, instead of once every few weeks.

Here are some past editions, so you get a sense of what I write about.

Now that we have the plug for my personal newsletter out of the way, let me think what I want to share with you this week 😊

Ah ye, SEO.

Since we introduced our first digital product - birthday card for athletes, I've been quite obsessed with how an SEO optimised digital product business would look like.

I can't stop thinking that that may be my dream business to build. A completely organic, automated traffic machine that grows and compounds with time which meets a product you only make once and can sell indefinitely. Entrepreneurial poetry and freedom you can scale to the moon.

"Build once, sell twice" - Jack Butcher

And don’t you worry, we are not going to stop making our performance clothing 😊 We are even currently in talks with a big online marketplace that sells sustainable brands and they are especially in need for a mens classics brand, and our shirts and polos fit that bill very well.

We'll of course let you know how that goes and whether we will begin working with those guys. A non-subtle hint, this is their platform.

So, yea, things on my mind for this week: SEO (going through some online courses and educating myself), how a DULO digital product line might look and how can we use partnerships to boost our apparel sales and spread the word about the brand.

Catch you in a few weeks, or this Tuesday, if you sub to my personal newsletter 😊

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